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Logos, Branding & Mood boards: What the clients don't see ...

Every design job is different and I sometimes get asked whether I can show my ideas /mood boards to the client BEFORE the initial designs are put forward.

Moodboards are used as sounding boards and, (in my case), contain a whole mish-mash of imagery, screenshots, typeface examples, brainstorming info as well as rough sketches. They are, for the most part, indecipherable &, as well as confusing to the client, would probably raise more questions than answer them!

However, what they DO show is how much work and planning goes into designing a professional logo for example - however simple that logo may appear to be at first glance.

Here are some of my mood boards for Unnaaty's logo design from the initial ideas / sketches & colour swatch options to the final artworked logos.

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