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New Branding for Anglophiles Academic


Anglophiles Academic are a well- established and popular organisation which arranges English learning courses for young French students. They wanted a new branding that freshened up their image, but kept some of the elements of the old branding, (see bottom of mood board), such as the 'A' graphic on the side. This was an very recognisable icon and keeping a version of it was key to a smooth transition from the old outdated logo to the new. Target audience: young people, parents / carers of young people.


My focus was on vivid colours (the logo had to work on T-shirts & other merchandise which

had to be eyecatching. Events organisers wearing the company colours, needed to be seen in large crowds therefore a distinctive & bright branding was key.


I developed a number of concepts for Jean-Philippe. He wanted a 3D looking finish which was achieved by use of colour and shadow rather than bevelling. This created movement with a 'flag - flying' feel. It also avoided the rather blocky -looking finish using extrusions and filters. The branding is still being developed for printing and digital with the print advert shown as one of the latest projects.

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